Wetpixel, v3.0

Welcome to the new Wetpixel.com!
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We're finally done with a ground-up redesign and rewrite of Wetpixel.com!

James Wiseman, Craig Jones and I have been working hard to migrate content over from the old site.  We've moved all of the news, reviews, and forum content over, but we're still working o­n the features.  As expected, many links buried in old content will be broken.  If you come across a broken link that seems particularly important, please let o­ne of the administrators know by leaving a message in our official migration thread.

New Features:

1) Web Links: click o­n "links" in the menu and add your own links!

2) FAQ: not much content here, yet, but there will be soon.

3) Unified login: logging in o­n the main page logs you in across the entire site

More features are on the way.  The most exciting thing about this rewrite is that new features and content can now be easily added to the site, so we can grow without limitation.