Video: Socorro by Sean Ruggeri shot on RED MONSTRO

RED Digital Cinema on Wetpixel

RED Digital Cinema’s Sean Ruggeri has shared a stunning demo reel shot in Soccorro, Mexico with the new RED WEAPON MONSTRO camera and VV H2O OLPF. Filmed while diving with the Nautilus Explorer, Sean used a Nikonos RS20-135mm lens. The camera was housed in a Gates DEEP WEAPON housing and lighting was with Gates GT14 lights.

Sean describes the shoot:

Challenging conditions with a lot of big swell/surge and less than ideal visibility. That milky viz with lots of particulate in the water really put the VV H2O OLPF to the test which really was the point to this trip: to put this new sensor and OLPF in challenging stress test situations while also trying to film something interesting to look at.

The footage was Captured in 8K and converted to to 4K,