Video: Comb Jellyfish and Pleurobranchia by Frazier Nivens

Aliens of the sea on Wetpixel

Filmmaker Frazier Nivens has posted some super cool and beautiful footage of comb jellyfish (Ctenophora) and Pleurobrachia, which will be part of his to be released “Aliens of the Sea” episode of Oceans X. Frazier comments that the comb jelly and Pleurobranchia are:

Two really cool creatures that most divers miss most of the times or ignore as they float through the water column. These two shots are just a couple of many marine life I’m currently documenting for a series called Ocean X, the first Episode will be Aliens Of The Seas. All shot on RED Epic Digital Cinema camera at 5k.”

The show will include: “Some never before seen footage of the animals and how they regenerate themselves when cut, they can even build themselves a new brain if their brain is injured, we will be filming this thru time-lapse the healing of injuries over a two hour period”.