Update on diving Bali during Mount Agung evacuations


Underwater Tribe, based in Bali, has provided an update on the situation in Bali relating to evacuations surrounding Mount Agung and diving in the Tulamben area. Diving in the Tulamben area is currently closed. However, other areas of Bali are open for diving and Underwater Tribe says, “At this point in time there is no reason not to travel to Bali.” It is impossible to tell how air travel will be affected if and when and eruption occurs.

For divers who are interested in visiting Bali the news is both good and bad. Mount Agung is located very close to the Tulamben area, one of the most popular diving destinations, obviously diving tourism has been affected. All resorts in the Tulamben area are currently closed with their staff and families evacuated to safer areas so diving in the Tulamben area is currently not an option. However, the diving in areas such as Candidasa, Padang Bai, Nusa Penida, and Menjangan/Pemuteran are all proceeding as normal.

Additionally, if you are interested in donating to relief efforts for those displaced, Solemon is an NGO recommended to contact by Underwater Tribe.

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