Underwater footage from EOS 1D-C in forum

EOS 1D-C on Wetpixel

Wetpixel member Chris Parsons of Nauticam USA has posted some macro footage shot at Blue Heron Bridge, Florida with a Canon 1D-C in the Wetpixel forum. He says;

I also have some wide angle, blue water footage, though not with me here (still in Las Vegas from NAB). While you can see noise in it at 1:1, it is no worse than a ton of other footage I’ve seen. As you’d expect, it is dependent on ISO and how far it is pushed in post. Clearly with 8-bit you will have less headroom to push than with RAW but my feeling at this point is that if it is exposed and color balanced correctly while shooting, the video is beautiful.

I did not have overheating issues, and we did get to test the heat issue this before releasing this housing, so it appears that heat is not an issue.