UK-Germany announces wireless flash triggering system

UK-Germany has announced their UK-WFT wireless flash triggering system. Deigned for pool shoots, transmitter and receiver units are connected by Nikonos cables to the camera housing/camera and to any number of flash units. The wireless units float on the surface and communicate wirelessly.

Prices and availability are to be confirmed.

From UK-Germany’s Facebook page:

UK-Wft Flash Trigger Set for pool shoots.

The set consists of a wireless transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is connected to the camera housing via a Nikonos type sync cable and floats on the surface. The receiver also floats on the surface and is connected to the flash via a sync cable. When the camera is triggered, the flash is triggered via a wireless signal between the transmitter and receiver.

Any number of flashes can be triggered via one trigger unit, allowing for complex complex listing set up stops be created without needing complicated and difficult underwater cables.

Size: Diameter 60 mm x 100 mm
Connection: Nikonos III Lightning Connector