The National Aquarium in Baltimore to move dolphins to a sanctuary


On tuesday, the National Aquarium in Baltimore announced plans to move its dolphins to a seaside sanctuary. The move comes as public opinion to marine mammals in captivity has shifted to a more negative stance. After weighing options for the dolphins for the last five years, the aquarium has concluded it will move their current dolphin residents by the year 2020.

The location for the envisioned sanctuary has not been decided, but those involved in the process are looking at locations in Florida or the Caribbean and believe it will be the first of its kind.

The National Aquarium ceased its dolphin show four years ago, instead allowing visitors to observe the dolphins interacting with trainers.

Well known animal scientist Temple Grandin agrees with moving marine mammals out of captivity, however she believes we can find a better way to expose people to these highly intelligent creatures:

I think people actually need to see animals to make a connection. We have to figure out a way so that people can still see these animals. I don’t think video alone totally does it.

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