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Winners of the 2017 SoCal Shootout have been announced Photo

Winners of the 2017 SoCal Shootout have been announced

The winners of the 2017 SoCal Shootout have been announced. Bluewater Photo hosts the annual underwater photography competition that ran from September 8th - 10th this year. Images were taken in the Pacific Ocean anywhere south of Pt. Conception to north of the Mexican border. The prize for Best in Show went to Helen Brierley for her photograph of a Blue-Banded Goby. The prize pool was worth over $20,000 and images were judged by Andy Sallmon and Scott Gietler.

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Critter Shootout 2016 winners Photo

Critter Shootout 2016 winners

Congratulations to team Lembeh for taking gold in the 2016 Lembeh Gulen Critter Shootout. Competitors from Lembeh, Indonesia and Gulen, Norway competed over three separate competition days in three separate underwater photography competition categories: nudibranchs, invertebrates and fish. After the first two competition days the teams were almost tied with Gulen’s lead. The Lembeh team pulled ahead after the public vote put them ahead overall after the fish competition round. Congratulations to all competitors, the image quality was outstanding overall!

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