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Video: Manta Ray in 6K Photo

Video: Manta Ray in 6K

[Ron Lagerlof]9http://vimeo.com/ronlagerlof) has shared some footage that he has shot for stock with Mammoth HD that has been shot in full 6K resolution on the RED EPIC Dragon. The video features giant Pacific mantas rays (Manta birostris) with clarion angelfish (Holacanthus clarionensis) cleaners. The footage was captured at The Canyon, Isla San Benedicto, Mexico.

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Video: Sony F55 underwater by Dan Beecham Photo

Video: Sony F55 underwater by Dan Beecham

Dan Beecham of Underwater Video Services, Cape Town, South Africa has shared some underwater footage shot with the Sony F55 camera. He has found that the ability to shoot Sony RAW without a compression ratio and its color rendering make it an excellent camera for underwater use. This is interesting, since Sony’s color rendering has been a challenge for underwater use on many of its other recent cameras.

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Video: Manatee by Joe Romeiro Photo

Video: Manatee by Joe Romeiro

Filmmaker Joe Romeiro has posted a sample of his manatee footage, most of which was shot at Crystal River, Florida. Joe shot it all on a RED EPIC housed in a Nauticam housing with a glass Zen dome in 5k at about 95 fps .

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