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Video: Ocean Stories trailer Photo

Video: Ocean Stories trailer

Howard and Michelle Hall have been supplying footage and on-camera support for a new PBS series that is currently in production. The idea is that the series will feature 100 ocean related stories from 100 people from diverse walks of life.

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Video: Canon Master Darren Jew Photo

Video: Canon Master Darren Jew

Untitled Film Works, was invited by Canon to travel to Tonga and capture underwater photographer Darren Jew’s journey. Darren has returned to the islands many times over the years to capture iconic images of the humpback whales that congregate from July through September to court, mate and calve.

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Video: Whale Fantasia Photo

Video: Whale Fantasia

GoPro’s video of the day for 26 September featured free divers with mono fins, the voice of Alan Watts and humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae). It was filmed in Tonga, and parts of the film were used by the company in the original promo video that accompanied the HERO3’s release.

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