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Thousands evacuated in Vanuatu as volcano threatens eruption Photo

Thousands evacuated in Vanuatu as volcano threatens eruption

11,000 residents of Ambae Island in Vanuatu as the Manaro Voui volcano has begun emitting gas and volcanic ash, stoking fears of an imminent eruption. Ambae island is one of 65 islands that are inhabited in Vanuatu. The government ordered a complete evacuation of all residents of Ambae. Bali has also seen evacuations due to volcanic activity in recent days as well as Mt Agung threatens eruption “at anytime”.

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Cyclone Pam devastates Vanuatu Photo

Cyclone Pam devastates Vanuatu

Tropical cyclone Pam has made landfall on the South Pacific island of Vanuatu and is causing significant damage, with the BBC reporting that dozens have died in the storm. Obviously, many members of the Wetpixel community are affected by this, and many more have visited and dived on the islands. For those directly affected by this, we hope that you are safe and that the damage to your property and businesses is limited. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. For those of us watching the events unfold at a distance, if you can contribute to the relief effort in any way, please do so.

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