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Nikon announces the D850 Full Frame SLR camera Photo

Nikon announces the D850 Full Frame SLR camera

Nikon has released the details of the new D850 FX SLR. It features a 45.7-megapixel CMOS sensor married to the EXPEED 5 processing engine. This gives a native ISO range of 64 to 25,600 and a frame rate of 7fps. Autofocus is the 153-point, Multi-Cam 20K systems from the D5/500 and the camera captures full frame 4K UHD at 24/30fps. There is a thread on the Wetpixel forum discussing the new camera.

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Nikon trails the D850 Photo

Nikon trails the D850

As a part of the celebrations marking the company’s centenary, Nikon has trailed then release of anew FX format pro camera called the D850. As yet, there are scant concrete details beyond that it will be “next frontier in full-frame, high-resolution, high-speed SLR cameras.” As more official information becomes available, Wetpixel will keep updating this post.

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Nikon announces partial recall of EN-EL15 batteries Photo

Nikon announces partial recall of EN-EL15 batteries

Nikon has announced a recall of some EN-EL15 batteries. In order to find out whether your’s is affected by this, please check the 14-digit serial number on the underside of the battery. If digit 9 is an E or an F, it should not be used or charged and Nikon will exchange it. There are full details of the process involved in doing this on Nikon USA.

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Nikon announces DX 10-20 mm wide angle lens Photo

Nikon announces DX 10-20 mm wide angle lens

Nikon has announced a 10-20mm rectilinear wide angle lens for cropped sensor (DX) cameras. It is equipped with Vibration Reduction and has a minimum focus distance of 22 cm (8.7 inches). The lens has a stepping AF motor that allows for quiet focusing. Performance behind a dome is uncertain at this point, please check back for reviews.

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Nikon ships 8-15mm fisheye lens Photo

Nikon ships 8-15mm fisheye lens

Nikon is now shipping its new AF-S Fisheye 8-15mm f/3-4.5 ED lens. Compatible with both full frame (FX) and cropped sensor cameras, with circular fisheye at the 8 mm end on FX. Minimum focus distance is 16 cm (6 inches) so this lens should work well behind a dome. Suffice to say that Wetpixel will be reviewing it very soon!

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Nikon announces the D7500 Photo

Nikon announces the D7500

Nikon has announced their D7500 DX SLR camera. It features the same 20.9-megapixel image sensor and EXPEED 5 processor as the D500. Native ISO range is 100-51,200 and it utilises the 51 point AF phase detection module from the D7200. Video is 4K UHD, with uncompressed output via HDMI.

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Nikon announces cut backs and job losses Photo

Nikon announces cut backs and job losses

Nikon Japan has announced a series of cost cutting measures. These include seeking voluntary redundancy for 1,000 workers, a “notice of extraordinary loss” and the cancellation of the DL series of compact cameras. Nikon are citing a “slow-down of the market” as the reason for the planned restructuring.

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