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Paper quantifies plastic pollution Photo

Paper quantifies plastic pollution

The journal PLoS ONE has published a paper that sets out to quantify the amount of plastic pollution that exists in the world’s seas and oceans. The report is based on 24 worldwide expeditions undertaken between 2007 and 2013 which used surface netting and visual methods to quantify the extent of the pollution. The researchers came up with a statistic that suggests that there are more than 5 trillion plastic particles, weighing over 268,940 tons, floating at sea.

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Keldan ships Video 8M lights Photo

Keldan ships Video 8M lights

Keldan has announced via their US distributer, Nauticam USA, that they are now shipping their Video 8M light. The “M” stands for modular as there are a variety of light modules and reflectors available for each light. There are two standard models, the Video 8M Flux and Video 8M CRI. The former has an output of 9000 lumen and the latter 8000, but at a higher CRI value, which results in more faithful rendering of colors underwater.

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Skol releases advert filmed underwater Photo

Skol releases advert filmed underwater

The lager brand Skol has released a new advert filmed entirely underwater. It was shot by Brazilian cinematographer Lucas Gaspar Pupo and features a nightclub scene. The dancers were supplied with oxygen (sic) by divers out of shot. It was filmed on a RED Epic housed in a Gates Deep Epic housing.

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Seagate to ship 8TB archival hard drive Photo

Seagate to ship 8TB archival hard drive

Seagate has announced a range of archival hard drives, that will be shipping in January. These are designed for storage and as such have a 150MB/s read/write rates, but are designed for 24/7 operations with 800,000 MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) hours and 18o TB of data transfer/year. Simply, they run cooler, more securely and with less power needed tag any other drive in their class. Seagate will be shipping 5, 6 and 8TB versions. With file sizes increasing in both video and still cameras, they may present good option for storing and backing up the large amounts of data that we are creating.

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Instagram surpasses Twitter at 300 million users Photo

Instagram surpasses Twitter at 300 million users

Instagram has surpassed Twitter with 300 million registered users. Instagram is the image sharing app that has become increasingly popular in the last few years. The company has reported that users share 70 million photos and videos to the app every single day. It has certainly become one of the new places for photographers to interact with one another.

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National Geographic interviews Kenji Yamaguchi Photo

National Geographic interviews Kenji Yamaguchi

National Geographic has posted an interview with Kenji Yamaguchi in their PROOF feature. Many photographers will not be familiar with his name, but he has played a crucial role in many of the iconic wildlife images of our time. Originally sent 32 years ago by Nikon to National Geographic to train the original technician, Yamaguchi has been repairing, modifying and creating the equipment used by National Geographic shooters in the field. (Image from Shutterstock).

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Aquatica offers TTL control of Ikelite strobes Photo

Aquatica offers TTL control of Ikelite strobes

Ikelite and Aquatica have announced that the former’s internal TTL strobe circuitry will be available on certain Aquatica housings going forward. This will allow TTL control of Ikelite’s DS series strobes with Aquatica housing, with the latter’s housing for the Canon EOS 7D Mark II being the first to offer this option. Ikelite’s DS series strobes have warm color temperatures that many photographers find pleasing for wide-angle photography.

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Typhoon Hagupit slams into the Philippines Photo

Typhoon Hagupit slams into the Philippines

As I write, super Typhoon Hagupit is finding landfall on the eastern coast of the Philippines. It is expected that the accompanying 120mph winds and storm surge are likely to wreak destruction to areas that are still recovering from the devastation wrought by Typhoon Haiyan a year ago. The authorities seem much better prepared this time, and it is hoped that the terrible loss of life that occurred last year will be avoided. Nevertheless, it is inevitable that there will be significant disruption and damage to properties. The Wetpixel community fervently hopes that if you are in the path of the storm, you and your loved ones are in a place of safety and that the the damage to your property and businesses is as limited as possible. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

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A failure to evolve may cause the Charles Darwin research station to go extinct Photo

A failure to evolve may cause the Charles Darwin research station to go extinct

In an unusual twist of fate, the famed Charles Darwin Research Station of the Galapagos Islands may close by the end of the year due to failure to adapt with the times. The legacy of the research station may rest in the hands of donors as the lab is asking for nearly one million dollars in donations prior to the end of the year. Scientists claim the closure of the gift shop left them in this dire predicament.

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