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Palau combats illegal fishing through satellites Photo

Palau combats illegal fishing through satellites

Palau is leading the world by example in the effort to combat illegal fishing in its waters. In a recent and riveting article, the New York Times dove into the challenges faced by the island nation in upholding the protections put in place to conserve ocean wildlife. Palau is embracing the use of satellites to track illegal fishing vessels, from extremely remote locations.

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Canon announces EOS 80D Photo

Canon announces EOS 80D

Canon has announced the EOS 80D SLR camera. It has a 24.2 MP APS-C sensor with a native ISO range of 100 to 16000 and a new Dual Pixel CMOS AF system with 45 cross type points and the AI Servo AF II provides color tracking via a 7,560 pixel RGB+IR metering system.

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Beneath the Sea announces film festival line up Photo

Beneath the Sea announces film festival line up

The Beneath the Sea International Film Festival has released the list of speakers for its fortieth event. It will be held on Saturday, 2 April at 8:30 p.m. in the La Quinta Hotel Secaucus, New Jersey. The host for the evening will be Bill Evans. Jonathan Bird, Leandro Blanco, Ernie Brooks, Andy Brandy Casagrande, David Doubilet and Jen Hayes, Jack and Sue Drafahl, Howard and Michele Hall and Richie Kohler will all present their films during the festival.

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Results: Beneath the Sea 2016 Photo

Results: Beneath the Sea 2016

The Beneath the Sea imaging contest has announced their winners for 2016. Edwar HerreƱo was awarded the David Doubilet Award (Best in Show) for his image “Turtle Love” and Nicholas Dean the Stan Waterman prize for his film: “What Would Wallace Think”. n the creative category, Massimo Giorgetta’s images “Mirror in a Tunnel” received the Jim Church Award.

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Ice diving Op-Doc in New York Times Photo

Ice diving Op-Doc in New York Times

The New York Times has featured a short film on ice diving by Paulina Skibinska as part of their Op Docs series. The thirteen minute film gives the audience the ability “to enter into the story and descend into the depths with the diver, to the point where the world above the water disappears.”

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