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Inon announces compatibility with RX100 cameras Photo

Inon announces compatibility with RX100 cameras

Inon has released details of the compatibility of their products with the Sony DSC-RX100 series housings for RX100 Mark 1 through to 5 cameras. Included are Inon’s wide angle and macro conversion lenses, strobes, arms and LED lights.

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President Obama announces Arctic protection Photo

President Obama announces Arctic protection

President Obama has banned drilling for oil and gas in the majority of US-owned Arctic and North Atlantic. Canada has concurrently applied the same protection to its waters in the area. The US president has used a 1953 law which bans the leasing of offshore resources indefinitely. (Picture from Shutterstock.)

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Octopus research video wins Emmy Photo

Octopus research video wins Emmy

A video about the work of Dr. Cliff Ragsdale, professor of neurobiology at the University of Chicago, has won an Emmy. The team sequenced the entire genome of the California two-spot octopus (Octopus bimaculoides), the first cephalopod ever to be sequenced. One of the biggest divergences from other invertebrates that the team discovered was much greater nervous system development, very similar to what is found in vertebrates.

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Happy Holidays 2016 Photo

Happy Holidays 2016

Wishing the Wetpixel community a very happy holiday season 2016. If you are fortunate enough to be diving over the holidays, may your dives be safe, your subjects plentiful and the light perfect! Of course, we also hope that you will find time to gather with friends and family and enjoy celebrating the holidays together or just to eat, drinks and be merry.

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National Geographic publishes best underwater images of 2016 Photo

National Geographic publishes best underwater images of 2016

National Geographic has just published a list of their top 15 underwater photos from 2015. From the mangroves of Cuba, to the sandy shallows of the Bahamas and even the rivers in Yellowstone, National Geographic is inarguably host to some of the best underwater images around. Take a few moments to feast your eyes on their best of the year.

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Epiphany available on iTunes Photo

Epiphany available on iTunes

Epiphany, a biographical account of underwater photographer, Ellen Cuylaerts, is now available on iTunes. The film was shot by Michael Maes and Frans de Backer and features Ellen’s choices as she conquers a fear of water and sharks, while also guides her family through social challenges and difficult life choice

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