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Video: A turtle eye view of the Great Barrier Reef Photo

Video: A turtle eye view of the Great Barrier Reef

The WWF, along with other partners, is working to find out how pollution levels affect sea turtles living in the Great Barrier Reef. Part of the project included strapping a GoPro temporarily to the back of one of the resident sea turtles to give a turtle eye view of the reef.

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Serif releases Affinity Photo Photo

Serif releases Affinity Photo

After its beta release, Serif has now released their Affinity Photo image editing app. It is designed as a competitor to Photoshop and offers “RAW processing, PSD import and export, 16-bits per channel editing, and ICC colour management”, as well as “camera lens and exposure corrections, accurate adjustments, live filter layers, high-end controls for channels and masks, advanced layer handling, and built-in frequency separation editing

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Nauticam announces the Epic LT housing Photo

Nauticam announces the Epic LT housing

Nauticam has released details of their Epic LT housing for RED EPIC and RED SCARLET cameras with Mysterium-X and Dragon sensors. it is “carry on” legal and can be set up in a few minutes. Battery and media changes can take place without removing the camera and it is compatible with all Nauticam ports.

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Shark Week 2015 Photo

Shark Week 2015

NPR talks about Shark Week 2015. In the article, the author notes that some of the programs in the past have been more fiction than fact, with plenty of bad science and exaggerated sensationalism. For 2015 though, Discovery has promised to be more fact and science based. David Shiffman of Southern Fried Science gives it a cautious “thumbs-up” so far

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Recsea ships housing for Sony Action Cam Photo

Recsea ships housing for Sony Action Cam

Recsea is shipping their housing for the Sony FDR-X1000V 4K Action Cam and its Liveview remote (RM-LVR2). The remote housing can be mounted onto the rear of the Action Cam housing, which gives liveview and access to the remote’s menu system. The housing has a depth rating of 120 meters (393ft).

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