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Using bioluminescent vomit to attract mates Photo

Using bioluminescent vomit to attract mates

Many underwater photographers have witnessed strings of what appear to be glowing beads while on night dives in the Caribbean. But, did you even wonder what they were? Turns out they are glowing streams of vomit from tiny shrimp-like ostracods used to attract females. Sounds gross, but looks enchanting. Image from [Shutterstock}(http://www.shutterstock.com/).

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Give ‘Em the Fin this week Photo

Give ‘Em the Fin this week

Sea Save are running a campaign encouraging people to give shark finning “the fin”. This asks people to upload images of themselves with a hand raised above their heads to a global mosaic on the Sea Save site. This will then go to the CITES congress in South Africa in September as an expression of public support for the protection of sharks.

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Final Call: SDUFEX 2016 Photo

Final Call: SDUFEX 2016

The San Diego Undersea Film Exhibition (SDUFEX) is making its final call for entries for the 2016 event. Selected entries will be shown at the Irwin M. Jacobs Qualcomm Hall in San Diego, California on 7 and 8 October. For the first time, the contest is offering two cash prizes of $500 for the films selected by the audience as the best film of the evening. The deadline for submissions is 1 July.

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Sea&Sea announces the MDX-D500 housing Photo

Sea&Sea announces the MDX-D500 housing

Sea&Sea has announced details of their forthcoming housing for the Nikon D500. The MDX-D500 features Sea&Sea’s internal optical YS converter and redesigned levers for improved ergonomics. Lenses can be changed via the lens port and the camera’s diopter viewfinder is adjustable externally.

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Cathay Pacific announces shark fin ban Photo

Cathay Pacific announces shark fin ban

The BBC reports that Hong Kong’s flag carrier airline Cathay Pacific has finally announced that with immediate effect it will no longer carry shark fin. Previously, the airline had refused an outline ban, but would only “transport shark fin that was sustainably sourced.”. A campaign has now forced it to ban the carriage of “all shark products on cargo and passenger flights.” (Image from Shutterstock).

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WD releases Pro series drives Photo

WD releases Pro series drives

Western Digital has announced the My Passport Pro and My Cloud Pro drives. The former features wireless sync with compatible cameras (or wired for others) as an SD card reader and capacities of up to 3TB. The latter are optimized for importing directly from card readers and have a built-in hardware accelerated video processor, which can handle 4K streams. It is available in capacities of up to 32TB.

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Funding needed: Looking for Lost Sharks Photo

Funding needed: Looking for Lost Sharks

A project on the scientific crowdfunding platform, experiment, is seeking to raise $1,800 funding for the classification and naming of a new species of shark. The tentatively named ghost sharks are deep water species from the Western Indian Ocean that are now being featured in fisheries and by scientists as the tools for sampling at extreme depth are developed. As yet, they have not bene formally classified or named.

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