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Cristian Dimitrius receives Emmy nomination Photo

Cristian Dimitrius receives Emmy nomination

Photographer and filmmaker Cristian Dimitrius has been nominated for an Emmy Award in the Outstanding Cinematography: Documentary and Long Form category for his film Untamed Americas. (Picture by Rodolfo Paes).

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Happy Whale Shark Day Photo

Happy Whale Shark Day

Wishing everyone a very happy Whale Shark Day! August 30th is International Whale Shark Day (Día del Tiburon Ballena), so declared in 2008 during the International Whale Shark Conference.

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Video: Hunting hammerhead Photo

Video: Hunting hammerhead

WFLA news helicopter Eagle 8 filmed an amazing sequence showing a hammerhead shark hunting a ray in shallow water. Pilot Judd Chapin and photographer Peter Masa were flying over Anclote Key, Florida when they noticed the unfolding pursuit.

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Image: UK blue sharks Photo

Image: UK blue sharks

Wetpixel Associate editor Alex Mustard has published a gallery of images of blue sharks (Prionace glauca) on his Facebook page. Perhaps surprising, the images were all taken off the UK’s southern coast.

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Video shows deep-sea squid behavior Photo

Video shows deep-sea squid behavior

Footage captured by an MBARI ROV of the deep-sea squid Grimalditeuthis bonplandi shows the animal flapping and fluttering its tentacles, as if the limbs were swimming the on their own.

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Indonesia creates new manta ray sanctuary Photo

Indonesia creates new manta ray sanctuary

The Indonesian government has declared over 4,000 square miles off Komodo and West Manggarai as a manta ray and shark sanctuary. The protected area includes coastal areas up to 12 nautical miles offshore.

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