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Reminder: DEEP Indonesia 2014 Photo

Reminder: DEEP Indonesia 2014

If you haven’t done so yet, just a reminder that you have 4 days left to enter the 2014 DEEP Indonesia Contest. Hosted by Wetpixel and DivePhotoGuide, DEEP is, together with Our World Underwater, the pinnacle of underwater competitions.

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Coral reefs come to life in underwater time lapse video Photo

Coral reefs come to life in underwater time lapse video

Underwater time lapse photography can tell scientists a lot about what happens on a coral reef. Over the past five years Dr. Pim Bongaerts of the University of Queensland’s Global Change Institute has used time lapse photography to document coral reefs.

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CM Products releases polecam Photo

CM Products releases polecam

CM Products has started shipping their new pole cam set up. The pole can be disassembled to fit into most carrying cases. The pole’s head angle can be adjusted and will fit most housings. The polecam is normally supplied with a triggering system, which can also be used a remote trigger off the pole.

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Aquatica announces the SW8 dome port Photo

Aquatica announces the SW8 dome port

Aquatica has released details of their new SW8 dome port for micro 4/3 systems. Designed for use with super wide rectilinear lenses, the acrylic port uses a portion of Aquatica’s standard 8”dome port, essentially maximizing port’s radius while keeping its overall size relatively small.

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Scubapro launches photo and essay contest Photo

Scubapro launches photo and essay contest

Scubapro has launched a photo/essay competition, utilizing submission via Instagram and the company’s Facebook page. The contest is honoring Dr. Sylvia Earle’s contribution to the marine environment.

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Inon supports Fujifilm XQ1 compact Photo

Inon supports Fujifilm XQ1 compact

Inon is offering a lens mount base that allows the use of Inon 28LD mount lenses with the Fujifilm WP-XQ1 housing for the XQ1 camera. In addition, they are offering two versions of fiber optic cable bushes for use with either type L or Sea&Sea fiber cables. Both the latter are supplied with stickers for masking the camera’s internal flash output.

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