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Subal restructures Photo

Subal restructures

Over the past few days, there are reports surfacing that Austrian housing manufacturer Subal is experiencing some form of financial difficulty. UPDATE: Subal owner Harald Karl has responded. He has asserted that the company is restructuring and that no customers will be affected. Subal will open a new store in Vienna in March.

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Issue 100 of UwP Magazine is available Photo

Issue 100 of UwP Magazine is available

The bumper issue 100 of Underwater Photography magazine (UwP) is now available to download. First published in 2001 by Peter Rowlands, the ezine continues as the single most read underwater imaging publication. Hearty congratulations to Peter and UwP on turning 100! UwP Magazine is available as a free download in pdf format.

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Happy New Year 2018 Photo

Happy New Year 2018

As 2017 rolls over to 2018 across the globe, Wetpixel would like to wish our amazing talented community of image makers a very happy (Gregorian) New Year. We fervently hope that 2018 is a very productive year with safe, enjoyable time underwater and plentiful subjects that lend themselves to stunning, creative imagery!

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National Geographic Best Animal Photos of 2017 Photo

National Geographic Best Animal Photos of 2017

National Geographic has released their list of 39 Best Animal Photos of 2017 from published stories of the past year. The list includes several stunning underwater images from National Geographic underwater photographers Brian Skerry, David Doubilet, Jennifer Hayes, Laurent Ballesta, and Thomas Peschak, in locations such as Baja, Mexico and Tubbataha.

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Paper investigates hammerhead shark mating Photo

Paper investigates hammerhead shark mating

A paper published in the Environmental Biology of Fishes journal investigates the mating behavior of the endangered scalloped hammerhead shark (Sphyrna lewini). Based on observations from the Isla de Coco National Park, Costa Rica, the study utilized video of sharks copulating. (

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Inon ships UCL-90 Close Up lens Photo

Inon ships UCL-90 Close Up lens

Inon has announced the UCL-90 close up lenses. Available in M67 and LD bayonet versions, the lens offers +11 magnification with a minimum working distance of 69mm (2.7in.) with an 100mm SLR lens. Optically, it has HR glass in 3 elements in 2 groups with achromatic internal lenses and an anti reflective coating.

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A new study explores the deep sea food chain Photo

A new study explores the deep sea food chain

In a study published this month, scientists from MBARI (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute) investigated the larger picture of the deep sea food chain. The study is a result of nearly thirty years of cameras being deployed for observations off the central California coast, sometimes at a depth of up to two-and a half miles deep. The ROVs revealed 242 unique feeding relationships comprised of 84 different predators and 82 different prey. Most notably, scientists have realized what an important food role jellies play in the larger food chain.

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UN seeks to protect high seas Photo

UN seeks to protect high seas

On 24 December, 140 member states of the United Nations voted to launch a 2 year process aiming to creating an international treaty to protect the high seas. This would extend protections to the oceans beyond national maritime boundaries. International waters account for over half the planet’s surface. The process will convene a two year intergovernmental conference to establish full treaty negotiations.

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