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Countdown to The Shootout begins Photo

Countdown to The Shootout begins

The Shootout, a live underwater photography contest between Gulen Dive Resort, Norway and Lembeh Resort, Indonesia is going to kick off with the first public vote (for the nudibranch category) going live on 16 June. The voting will be held on the contest’s website along with lots of live reporting throughout the event from both Norway and Indonesia. The coverage will also be featured here on Wetpixel and via many other online sources.

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Registrations open: Anilao Shootout 2018 Photo

Registrations open: Anilao Shootout 2018

The Philippine Department of Tourism has announced that registrations for the sixth Anilao Shootout are now open. The event will be held from 27 November to 1 December. The first of the international panel of judges has also been announced and is Singapore based photographer, Indra Swari.

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500px announces it will now sell user photos through Getty Images and VCG Photo

500px announces it will now sell user photos through Getty Images and VCG

500px has announced that it will close Marketplace, it’s 4-year program for licensing royalty-free content, and now begin selling user photos through Visual China Group (VCG) and Getty Images. VCG is the parent company of 500px. 500px will also be removing the ability to download or share images through Creative Commons Licenses. 500px users that do not want their images sold through either of these companies are recommended to change their distribution settings on the website by selecting “I opt out of the global distribution network”.

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Hugyfot announces new products Photo

Hugyfot announces new products

Hugyfot has announced two new products. The DNA arm system allows users to add or subtract buoyancy and arm length as required. The Vision housing for the Sony RX100 has a maximum depth rating of 20m and features an integrated 7” HDMI monitor and 2 8000mAh battery packs.

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Issue 31 of Anima Mundi available Photo

Issue 31 of Anima Mundi available

Issue 31 of online magazine Anima Mundi - Adventures in Wildlife Photography is now online It features the bird-eating jackals of the Kalahari desert, a Chobe National Park trip report Costa Rica-based Greg Basco’s portfolio, a photographic tribute to Assam’s remote and exotic waterbirds of Maguri Bheel and Silvano Paiola’s ‘s report from Slovenia about Kocevje’s primeval forest and its endangered European bears.

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Tips for shooting models underwater on Stoppers Photo

Tips for shooting models underwater on Stoppers

FStoppers has published an article by photographer Jennifer Tallerico with tips on shooting models underwater in the springs of Florida. Tallerico is a Florida based photographer that runs underwater photography workshops. The article focuses on the challenges of shooting outside of a controlled pool environment and the challenges faced such as restrictions of free diving of any kind in the springs as well as light. Tallerico supplemented the ambient light by using a Light & Motion Stella Pro Light out of the water.

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Japan slaughters 122 pregnant minke whales Photo

Japan slaughters 122 pregnant minke whales

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that International Whaling Commission has reported (pdf) that the Japanese whaling fleet killed 333 Antarctic minke whales (Balaenoptera bonaerensis) during last summer’s hunt. 122 of the whales killed were pregnant and 114 were immature. Japan justified the killings by claiming that they needed lethal sampling methods in order to sample age, size and stomach contents. (Image credit: Australian Customs and Border Protection Service)

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Sony announces high resolution EVF Photo

Sony announces high resolution EVF

Sony has announced a new OLED electronic viewfinder (EVF) with 1.6 times the resolution of existing versions. The ECX339A OLED Microdisplay is a 0.5in. display with 1600 × 1200 resolution with a refresh rate of 240fps. Sony has managed to create a pixel pitch of 6.3µm in the EVF and to maintain the same level of power use as the previous model.

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