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New paper shows whale ears “float” in their heads Photo

New paper shows whale ears “float” in their heads

In a new paper published March 11, scientists illustrate how marine mammals adapted their hearing to the underwater environment by evolving their inner and middle ears. These parts of their ears actually “float” inside of their heads, separate from their skulls that vibrate from underwater sound waves. This allows the marine mammals to hear more clearly and isolate the direction sound is coming from.

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Introducing USB Type C Photo

Introducing USB Type C

Apple has announced that their new Macbook computers will be equipped with USB-C connections, ahead of what is expected to be universal adoption by the computer industry. Photo District News reports that the idea behind the new connection is that it will ultimately replace the current myriad of options into a single design.

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March issue of X Ray Mag available Photo

March issue of X Ray Mag available

The March 2015 issue of X Ray Magazine is now available for download. In issue #65, there are articles about Tiger Beach San Salvador and the Shark Feeder Program, Bahamas. In addition diving in Iceland, Malpelo, Kyrgyzstan and cave diving in China are featured along with GoPro use underwater.

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Nauticam ships housing for Sony A7 Mark II Photo

Nauticam ships housing for Sony A7 Mark II

Nauticam has announced that their housing for the Sony a7 Mark II mirrorless camera is now shipping. The NA-A7II features lever controls for AF-ON, review and record. In addition, it features a switch to enable or disable the EVF. The port selection offers support for the Sony 16-25mm f4 rectilinear wide-angle zoom.

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Video: Living Isle Photo

Video: Living Isle

Off the coast of Honduras is a chain of islands known as Cayos Cochinos. The islands have been recognized as a vital portion of the Meso-American Reef and are now protected as a marine sanctuary where commercial fishing is banned. However, the Garifuna people have been living and fishing there since the 18th century and continue to be allowed to do so to this day.

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Sony announces new lenses Photo

Sony announces new lenses

Sony has announced a series of new lenses and converters. For underwater use, these include the FE 90mm f2.8 macro, the FE 28mm f2 wide-angle, two new wide-angle converters and two fisheye converters.

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