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Olympus announces the PEN-F Photo

Olympus announces the PEN-F

Olympus has announced the PEN F mirrorless micro 4/3s camera. It features retro styling, based on the original PEN-F that was released in 1963. The new camera has a 20MP sensor, 5 axis image stabilization and a OLED viewfinder. It claims the fastest shutter release time of any compact and several AF modes.

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Borneo from Below: Episode 24 Photo

Borneo from Below: Episode 24

Episode 24 of Borneo from Below has been published online. This week they focus on a member of the Scuba Junkie team, Simon Lloyd, who is former police officer turned divemaster in Borneo.

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Adobe updates Lightroom to 6.4/CC 2015.4 Photo

Adobe updates Lightroom to 6.4/CC 2015.4

Adobe has launched a significant update to Lightroom. Version 6.4/CC 2015.4 significantly improves performance with editing updates being applied much more quickly and 1:1 previews being preemptively built. There has also been improvements to the Panorama Merge function (in CC version only) and the user can select the location that Lightroom Mobile images are stored in.

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Adobe launches the Lightroom Coffee Break Photo

Adobe launches the Lightroom Coffee Break

Adobe has announced a series of 60 second or less Lightroom mini tutorials highlighting key tips and techniques. Entitled the “Lightroom Coffee Break”, and being posted bi-monthly, each episode will be presented by longtime Lightroom team member Benjamin Warde.

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Interview: Filmmaker and marine biologist Richard Fitzpatrick Photo

Interview: Filmmaker and marine biologist Richard Fitzpatrick

Cameraman and marine biologist Richard Fitzpatrick has been interviewed by Biopixel. Fitzpatrick was one of the filmmakers involved in the recent BBC documentary about Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and answers question questions about his career, his favorite place and animals and the conservation issues affecting the Barrier Reef and coral reefs in general

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Von Wong: Shark Shepherd Photo

Von Wong: Shark Shepherd

As usual, Ben Von Wong’s latest photo shoot has gone viral, but this time the resulting image was for a good cause, sharks. Together with Shark Stewards, Von Wong is supporting a petition to create a Malaysian shark sanctuary with his image, Shark Shepherd. The fantastic underwater image required many hands and many hours to create what appears to be a woman and two sharks digitally manipulated to be in the same frame.

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Inon ships carbon fiber telescopic strobe arms Photo

Inon ships carbon fiber telescopic strobe arms

Inon are shipping their new telescopic carbon fiber strobe arms. Available is 3 overall lengths, the arms can be extended or retracted underwater to provide different lighting options. In addition, Inon are offering two sizes of buoyancy floats that can be attached to the arms.

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Leica announces waterproof camera Photo

Leica announces waterproof camera

Leica has announced the Leica X-U, which is being marketed as the company’s first “underwater” camera. It is actually waterproof to 15 meter (45 feet) without a housing and is equipped with a 16.5 MP APS-C sensor. It has a fixed Summilux 23 mm f/1.7 ASPH lens with a the close focusing distance of 20 centimeters (8 inches).

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Borneo from Below: Symbiosis Photo

Borneo from Below: Symbiosis

Borneo from Below’s latest weekly episode is now online. This week features the subject of symbiosis and the underwater creatures around Borneo that participate.

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