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Megamouth shark filmed in Komodo Photo

Megamouth shark filmed in Komodo

Divers Penny Bielich and Heikki Innanen were scuba diving in the right place at the right time (with a camera filming, too) when a Megamouth shark happened to swim by. The divers were visiting Komodo National Park in Indonesia aboard the Samata Luxury Liveaboard and diving at the Shotgun dive site. Bielich captured the incredible footage on his camera. They estimate that the shark was 5 meters long.

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Extinct megamouth species identified Photo

Extinct megamouth species identified

50 years after discovering a set of teeth belonging to an undescribed species of ‘Megamouth’ related shark, scientists have determined that a new species of shark has been found. Although the species name is still to be decided, the genus is Megachasma.

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