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The first documented manta ray nursery in southeast asia Photo

The first documented manta ray nursery in southeast asia

Through a manta ray tagging program, scientists have recently confirmed the location of a manta ray nursery in southeast asia’s Wayag Lagoon of Raja Ampat. Conservation International, the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, the Indonesian Institute of Sciences, S.E.A. Aquarium, and Manta Trust have been fitting manta rays in southeast asia with satellite tags since 2014. They are just now learning the secrets of the manta rays of this area.

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MantaWatch publishes manta interaction guidelines Photo

MantaWatch publishes manta interaction guidelines

MantaWatch has published a series of guidelines for responsible interactions with manta rays. The organization aims to use people’s images of the markings on mantas to identify specific individual animals and hence to record sightings of them over time. This information will be databased and used to extend knowledge of manta migration and habitat preferences.

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Mantas Last Dance Photo

Mantas Last Dance

Wetpixel Senior Moderator Shawn Heinrichs has premiered his new film on Vimeo. Entitled “Mantas Last Dance”, the film serves as a finale to the Manta Ray of Hope Campaign. This aims to raise awareness to the plight manta rays prior to the CITES meeting, which begins this weekend. At the meeting, 177 member nations will vote on whether to grant international protection to certain highly threatened and endangered species, which for the first time this year, includes manta rays. There is a petition that needs your support to pressurize the CITES delegates into protecting these animals so if you haven’t done so yet, please sign now.

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