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Adobe releases Lightroom 5 Photo

Adobe releases Lightroom 5

Adobe has announced the release of version 5 of its Lightroom image processing software. The beta version has been in existence for some time and, true to its statements, Adobe has made the new version available as a stand-alone purchase as well as a part of the Creative Cloud package. It incorporates new healing abilities (great for backscatter removal) and offline editing abilities. As a stand alone, it is priced at $149 or $79 as an upgrade.

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Preview: Lightroom 5 beta’s “Visualize Spots” feature Photo

Preview: Lightroom 5 beta’s “Visualize Spots” feature

Wetpixel Editor Adam Hanlon presents a preview of the new “Visualize Spots” feature in the Adobe Lightroom 5 beta. The mode, designed for identifying lens and sensor dust spots, opens the image with a black and white mask. The amount of detail that is shown can be controlled with a threshold slider. Adam has found that the mode is an amazing way of finding backscatter in images.

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