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Google takes street view for a dive Photo

Google takes street view for a dive

TechCrunch has published an article about Google’s ongoing project to add “Street View” style imagery from the underwater realm. Google’s recent I/O conference included a presentation from the Catlin Seaview Survey team, and details have been made public of how the team’s imaging scooters create the underwater mapping.

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Google offers Nik Collection Photo

Google offers Nik Collection

Google has announced its plans for the distribution of Nik Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture plugins. The company acquired Nik software in September 2012, and was widely criticized for removing the Snapseed desktop app. Perhaps in response to this, Google has announced today that it will sell the Nik Collection by Google for an international price of $149. There is also a free 15 day trial of the suite available and if a user has purchased one or more Nik plugins in the past five years, he or she will be upgraded to the full suite free of charge.

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