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Late availability: Sperm whales with Keri Wilk Photo

Late availability: Sperm whales with Keri Wilk

Our friend and fellow underwater photographer Keri Wilk, has a very few spaces left to fill on his trips to Dominica this March. The goal of the trips is to interact and photograph the sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) that are resident there. Keri has several of the much sought-after permits that allow people to get in the water with the whales. These make his trip a very unique experience, and the free spaces represent an amazing opportunity for someone.

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Blennywatcher Diary: Dominica Photo

Blennywatcher Diary: Dominica

Ned and Anna DeLoach present their latest instalment of the Blennywatcher Diary. They recently revisited the Caribbean island of Dominica, after an absence of some 3 years. During the trip, their group surveyed 216 species including our group discovered Shortnose Batfish, Flying Gurnards, Snake Eels, Yellowface Pikeblennies, Red Banner Blennies, Mutton Hamlets and Orangespotted Gobies.

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