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DeepPro Systems releases white and color balance slate Photo

DeepPro Systems releases white and color balance slate

DeepPro Systems has announced the release of a series of white balance, exposure and color calibration slates for underwater use. The slightly buoyant plastic slates are in a 16:9 aspect ratio and can be used both for white balancing underwater and for color correction in post production for both still and video shooters.

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DeepPro announces housing compatibility Photo

DeepPro announces housing compatibility

DeepPro Systems has announced that their currently available Domed housing for GoPro will also support the new HERO4 camera. The housing is optically corrected for underwater use and has a depth rating of 140 meters (450 feet).

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DeepPro releases GoPro housing Photo

DeepPro releases GoPro housing

DeepPro has launched a new housing for GoPro HERO 3 and 3+ cameras. The GPH3 aluminum housing features a dome port that increases the GoPro’s in water field of view underwater to that of it at the surface and does not vignette even in Superwide mode. It also reduces the minimum focus distance to 6” and has bulkhead allowing for the use of an external monitor or recorder.

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