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Blennywatcher Diary: Dominica Photo

Blennywatcher Diary: Dominica

Ned and Anna DeLoach present their latest instalment of the Blennywatcher Diary. They recently revisited the Caribbean island of Dominica, after an absence of some 3 years. During the trip, their group surveyed 216 species including our group discovered Shortnose Batfish, Flying Gurnards, Snake Eels, Yellowface Pikeblennies, Red Banner Blennies, Mutton Hamlets and Orangespotted Gobies.

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The Blennywatcher Diary: October 2013 Photo

The Blennywatcher Diary: October 2013

Ned and Anna DeLoach continues their monthly column with a description of how it took Ned over four hours to capture an image of a Shorthead Blenny, (Emblemariopsis bottomei) peering backwards with its rotating eyeballs. Also featured are blenny hunting in Bonaire and some what happen when you combine a face, a projector and images of marine creatures…

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The Blennywatcher Diary: September 2013 Photo

The Blennywatcher Diary: September 2013

During August, Ned and Anna DeLoach have been hard at work studying and cataloging the marine inhabitants of the dive sites of Bonaire. Highlights have included spawning Christmas Tree and Feather duster worms as well as lots of sightings of gobies.

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The Blennywatcher Diary: August 2013 Photo

The Blennywatcher Diary: August 2013

In the August instalment of The Blennywatcher Diary, Anna and Ned DeLoach report back on their recent trip to Utila, Honduras. Among other sightings, they recorded a Quillfin Blenny, Large-eye Toadfish and Yellow Jawfish. They also discuss hybridization and how species can be dispersed outside of their normal ranges by currents.

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Blennwatcher Diary: July 2013 Photo

Blennwatcher Diary: July 2013

In the first edition of the Blennywatcher Diary, Ned and Anna DeLoach discuss their surprise at discovering three species of hairy blenny at Blue Heron Bridge and challenge the Wetpixel community to discover why the Molly Miller blenny (Scartella cristata) is named as such. It also touches on their recent finds in Raja Ampat and some surprises from a night dive in Ambon.

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