Sony adds AF to Handycam NEX-VG10E with A-mount lenses

Sony Europe has announced a firmware upgrade for their interchangeable lens NEX-VG10E HD camcorder. This will allow full autofocus with 14 A-mount lenses, when used in conjunction with the LA-EA1 Mount Adapter, which also needs a separate firmware upgrade.

Press Release.

Available now for download, a free firmware upgrade adds autofocus support with 14 A-mount SAM and SSM lens models. AF compatibility of the NEX-VG10E with A-mount lenses requires the optional LA-EA1 Mount Adaptor, plus a separate firmware upgrade for the LA-EA1.

The upgrade lets videographers enjoy smooth, accurate AF operation with the family of A-mount optics that includes telephotos, primes and zooms by Sony and Carl Zeiss.

The latest firmware upgrade by Sony for registered Handycam® NEX-VG10E customers is available here.

Autofocus function is supported with these A-mount lenses:

SAM lenses.

SSM lenses.

AF support also requires firmware upgrade for optional LA-EA1 Lens Mount Adapter. With an A-mount lens attached to NEX-VG10E, autofocus takes approximately 2 to 7 seconds. Actual AF time with A-mount lens may vary depending on the subject and shooting conditions. There is no possibility to use continuous AF with A-mount lenses in movie and still mode.

To avoid recording mechanical noise during AF operation, Sony recommends use of a stereo microphone (sold separately) with stereo-mini plug (e.g. ECM-CG50).