Site Additions (Short URLs, etc.)

Hello, readers. I've been working hard tonight, and have completed a few updates to Wetpixel's feature-set:

1) Digideep POTW Syndication

That's right! You can now participate in Digideep's photo contest from the comfort of Wetpixel's site.

2) Affiliate Links

Some of you have been asking where the old affiliate links went. They're back! You can find selected camera listings embedded in the side-bars, or you can go to the Sponsors Page to see more.

3) User Interface Tweaks

I had to move the quick login box to a lower position on the page. If you are not logged in, just scroll down a bit to find the quick login box, or click on the "members" link in the "User Info" box.

4) Short URL Implementation

I've just finished tweaking a Short URLs mod (you'll notice that the majority of links are now shorter!), which will make Wetpixel much more search-engine and bookmarking friendly.

There may be a few bugs that I missed, and I could really use your help to test the site. So if you have a minute, just click around to make sure that all the pages are loading as expected. Let me know via PM or via the forums if you find anything strange. Thank you!

This kind of stuff makes me very happy. Crawl, search engine spiders, crawl! :)