Seacam support for Canon EF 11-24mm lens

Seacam China has posted some images of the company’s new products that allow for compatibility with the new Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L USM wide-angle lens. There is a special version of the Seacam Superdome that allows for the larger diameter of the new lens, a new extension ring that “steps-up” from the standard Seacam thread to the new port and a zoom gear.

Seacam owner, Harald Hordosch comments:

The new CANON EF 11-24 lens has a very big diameter and does not fit the regular SD SUPERDOME.

For this reason SEACAM offers a SSD SPECIAL SUPERDOME with a much bigger inlet for the lens. The necessary PVL has on one side the bigger inlet and on the other side the standard SEACAM thread. You can use also ZEISS lenses with this port. The only disadvantage is (that) you cannot use the SSD without an extension, this means fisheye lenses and very short lenses cannot be used.”

The new products are available now. Please contact Seacam or your local dealer for more information.