Sea & Sea YS-55TTL/E Strobe

Introducing the Sea&Sea YS-55 TTL/E Strobe

A compact and multi-functional strobe with E-TTL auto-exposure capabilities. Compatible with compact digital cameras as well as Canon’s top-of-the-line SLR digital cameras.

The YS-55TTL/E is the first E-TTL-compatible YS-series strobe designed for both Canon digital SLR cameras and compact digital cameras. E-TTL photography* (available on Canon digital SLR cameras) allows electronic through-the-lens flash metering in digital photography, automatically providing just the right amount of light for perfect subject exposure.

When the YS-55TTL/E is connected to a Canon E-TTL-compatible camera in a Sea & Sea housing using the Sync Cord GN, the strobe's slave function is deactivated to enable E-TTL by depressing the camera shutter halfway. E-TTL eliminates hit-or-miss manual adjustments to strobe power for proper exposure.

The YS-55TTL/E is a compact and highly mobile strobe. You can easily configure it for just the lighting angles you need. To conserve power, the YS-55TTL/E comes with energy-saving auto-power-off circuitry that shuts off power if the strobe is not used for seven minutes. To prevent gas build-up in the strobe, it comes with a Sea & Sea standard over-pressure release valve that releases any excess gas generated through operation.

The YS-55TTL/E has a fiber optic cable connector and a 6-step guide number controller that can be used with compact digital cameras that don’t have E-TTL. The strobe’s built-in pre-flash controller makes it compatible with most compact digital cameras on the market.

This versatile strobe is a superb companion for simple compact digitals as well as fully professional digital SLRs. Use its enhanced features to bring home images cast in a perfect light.

Product Specs

Guide number (on land, at full power): 18/60 (ISO100 m/ft) Beam angle: 95×64°

[Accessories] Two AA alkaline batteries, fixing arm bolt, silicone grease, diffuser

● Guide number: (on land, at full power): 18/60 (ISO100 m/ft)

● Beam angle: 95°×64°

● Guide number controller: GN3/6/9/12/15 (6 steps)

● Color temperature 5,300K (at full power) ; 4,700K (with diffuser)

● Sync code: 6-pin sync code GN when using a Canon digital SLR camera, fiber-optic cable for the YS-25 when using a compact digital camera

● Depth rating: 60 m

● Dimensions (W x H x D): 81 x 88 x131 mm/3.2 x 3.5 x 5.2 inches

● Weight (on land): 420 g /14.8 oz.

● Underwater weight: +7 g /+0.3 oz.

● Auto power OFF feature (7 minutes)

● Double O-ring (battery case)

● E-TTL compatible housings

  1. DX-30/60*
  2. DX-1Ds*
  3. DX-10D*
  4. DX-300D

* mark indicates that the strobe connector needs to be reconfigured.

* The specifications and external appearance of the YS-55TTL/E are described as of October 2004. Please note that there may be changes without notice.


Power source

Battery life

(at FULL power)

Recycle time

(at FULL power)

Two alkaline batteries

3V 135 times

4 seconds



Two Oxyride batteries

3V 145 times

4 seconds

Two Ni-MH batteries

2.4V 185 times

3 seconds


Available November 1, 2004