Sea & Sea releases their housing for EOS 70D

MDX-70D on Wetpixel

Sea & Sea has released details of their MDX housing for the Canon EOS 70D. It can be fitted with their new Optical YS converter, has a redesigned port lock which can be operated from the outside of the housing and the housing’s 8 way multi selector mimics the camera’s control.

The housing is available to order now at a U.S.A. Retail price of $2999.95.

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Optical YS Converter/C can be built into the housing     Compatible with new Optical YS Converter/C1 for MDX housing (#50136) which converts the camera’s hot-shoe TTL signal to a light signal. Both TTL and manual strobe modes can be used and controlled from the housing using a Fiber-Optic Cable II.   * Fiber-Optic Cable ll is required when using the Optical YS Converter.  

Compatible with both the VF180 1.2x and VF45 1.2x viewfinders

When using the VF180 (#46112) or VF45 viewfinders (#46111) the magnification increases by 1.2x and the entire field of view can be seen at the same time. Recommended for users committed to strict composition and focusing.

Port can be replaced without opening the housing

Port lock can now be activated from outside the housing. The housing is also equipped with a “lens-lock release” button which allows the lens to be replaced without opening the housing. The port lock can also be activated from inside like previous SEA&SEA housings.

The multi selector (which is often used underwater) is the same design as the camera control and can be operated in eight directions in the same way

The multi selector is located on the very right hand side of the rear case so that it is easily accessible and operated with your hand on the grip.

MDX-70D on Wetpixel