Sea& Sea announces housing for Sony a6300

Sea&Sea has announced their MDX housing for the Sony A6300 mirrorless cameras. The camera’s LCD can be tilted up to 180° and used with an optional monitor hood if required. The housing also offers two accessory ports, an external port lock and is compatible with both NX and ML ports (the former requires an adaptor ring).

The MDX-a6300 housing is available to purchase now with a suggested retail price of $1799.95 in the U.S.A.

Press release

MDX-a6300 HOUSING for Sony Alpha a6300 Mirrorless Digital Camera

New Compact Housing for Sony Mirrorless


  1. Two (2) Accessory Ports. Accessory ports may be used for vacuum leak system, sync cable, or a video monitor.
  2. External Port Lock and Lens Release. Conveniently switch lenses between dives without removing the housing back. Activate the Port Lock on the front of housing and push the Lens Release for quick and easy lens swap.
  3. LCD Tilt and Monitor Hood. The Camera’s LCD display monitor can be tilted 10O for easier viewing allowance. Monitor hood may be used (optional)
  4. Luminescent Buttons. Easily view controls in low light conditions.
  5. Accessory Compatibility. Easily attach Sea Arm 8 Camera Tray and Grip for a compact system. Compatible with NX* and ML ports.

*ML-NX Conversion Ring 30 is required for NX Port use.

ITEM NO: SS-06182
DESCRIPTION: MDX-a6300 Housing for Sony Alpha a6300 Mirrorless Digital Camera
PRICE: $1799.95