Sea Save Fundraising Auction closing soon - Dec 12th

Sea Save

The annual Sea Save Foundation auction has officially launched and will be closing soon. There are some fantastic trips and other items with low bids still available.

This is from the auction website:

*Sea Save Foundation is a Malibu based 501(C)3 ocean conservation organization. Their campaigns protect our oceans by raising awareness and educating people about marine beauty and advocating change to resolve current challenges. They work to generate consciousness and encourage stewardship of natural ecosystems.

Sea Save Foundation just launched their online auction on Charitybuzz.com/SeaSavefoundation. The auction will run until December 12th. This is the third year this for this high profile fundraiser which features all inclusive trips to the Galapagos, Indonesia, the Caribbean and many other exotic destinations. The auction also features celebrity ‘meet and greet’ dinners and much more.

Peruse over 25 unique experiences on the live link: www.charitybuzz.com/seasavefoundation. You have 3 weeks to place your bid! The auction closes on Thursday, December 12th, 2013.

As you bid on your dream experience, you will feel good knowing that your bid supports Sea Save’s groundbreaking conservation work.

Link to online auction: www.charitybuzz.com/seasavefoundation*

The online auction can be found here.