Sea Sanctuary Trust seeks volunteers

The Sea Sanctuary Trust is seeking individuals to volunteer to assist with its conservation operations in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. The organization is looking for a Project Leader, a marine biologist and qualified divers to conduct marine surveys, manta tows, commercial fish biomass assessments, habitat description and collation, cetacean surveys, teach snorkeling to local students and adults, teach English language programs and to assist with marine patrol system development.

If you are interested, further details can be found on the Sea Sanctuary Trust website.

Press Release.

Sea Sanctuaries Trust Voluntourism in Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia.

Objective to enable tourists to contribute directly to SST conservation work in Raja Ampat through marine data collection and community service.

Wanted – Volunteer Project Leader – Sea Sanctuaries Trust.

Location – Fam Islands, Raja Ampat.
Scuba diving and social programs

Sea Sanctuaries Trust, a UK based charity has an agreement to manage a total of 70,000ha of reefs, islands and mangroves set aside as no fishing conservation areas by the local communities that have traditional ownership of the area. The area lies in the epicenter of biodiversity with more fish and coral species than anywhere else in the world. Our conservation areas provide a significant contribution to the conservation of species and fisheries management on an international scale.

We are seeking a volunteer manager for our volunteer program based in Raja Ampat, Papua, Indonesia. The manager will be responsible for organizing and overseeing up to 6 fee paying volunteers working in our 70,000ha conservation areas.

Job description:

Applicants need to be culturally sensitive, adaptable, resourceful, patient and able to work under basic and sometimes trying conditions in a very remote area. Preference will be giving to experienced Scuba Diving Instructors with Indonesian language skills. The Trust will provide basic accommodation, all food and board and transport ex-Sorong, Papua, Indonesia. The successful applicant will be required to provide their own medical and medivac insurance. For more information about Sea Sanctuaries Trust please see our web site. Applicants should email a full CV with a photo.

Marine Biologist – job description.

Sea Sanctuaries Trust seeks volunteer scuba divers in Raja Ampat.

Help Conservation in Raja Ampat! Volunteer and join one of our conservation expeditions. Our 25 day and 50 day programs provide you with a unique opportunity to spend time in the most biodiverse marine conservation area in the world. Raja Ampat is renown as the epicenter of biodiversity and Sea Sanctuaries Trust has a total of 70,000ha 100%conservation area in the heart of Raja Ampat at the entrance to the Dampier Straights.

We are looking for qualified scuba divers to volunteer to join our project and assist in collecting vital baseline data and monitoring changes in fish and coral populations within our conservation areas and, to work in our social development programs with the local communities. Volunteers will spend time on the liveaboard dive boat Hang Tuah as well as in a basic homestay in one of the villages working with the local community. Volunteers can expect to undertake at least 30 dives + manta tows during their stay. Conditions are basic and the area remote so volunteers need to be patient and tolerant as well as resourceful. Volunteers will be expected to assist with cooking, cleaning, filling tanks and other general activities relating to the operation.

Spaces are available for a maximum of 6 volunteers at any one time.

Discounts are available for volunteers with additional qualifications such as in medicine or education.

Prices ex- Sorong include transfers to the site, all food and accommodation, training, diving, transfers, around the islands. Scuba equipment is available for hire.

25 days US$ 3,500 50 days US$ 6,000

Programs commence 1st of every month.

For more information, or to book, please visit the Sea Sanctuaries Trust website or email Helen Newman.