RIP John Petty

RIP John Petty on Wetpixel

Wetpixel member John E Petty (63) has been lost following a dive off Tiger Beach, Bahamas. There is some shockingly poor sensationalist reporting going on surrounding the events, but he became separated from the group he was diving with at 6.30 pm last Sunday. The crew of the vessel that he was diving from, Shear Water, raised the alarm with the Coast Guard who, together with Bahamas Defense Force assets, initiated a search. Some items were found during the search, but it is presently unconfirmed if these belonged to the missing diver. The search was called off on 16 July after 64 hours of search time.

Wetpixel would like to send our thoughts and prayers to his family and friends, and we are shocked and saddened by the loss of one of our own. If people wish to leave comments, thoughts and condolences, there is a thread on the forum.