Richard Brooks: Perceptions

Wetpixel member Richard Brooks of Lightning Strike Productions has added his short film “Perceptions” to the Wetpixel forum. It features time-lapse footage shot in Jellyfish Lake in Palau over a year and “gives an insight into the migration and light seeking behavior of the golden jellyfish that live in this incredible environment.”

Commenting about his film, Richard says that he:

Wanted to do something new and not seen before. It took 4 attempts to configure a rig and iron out problems with the incredibly soft sediment in the lake as well as scouting the best locations and times to effectively demonstrate the behavior. The original plan was to do it with an Aquatica housed Nikon D200 attached via bespoke mounts to a Gates UW Tripod, but issues with the battery life and overall feasibility led to using a Gates housed FX7 behind a Fathom with the EM43 external monitor on that same tripod. Additionally due to the “no scuba” policy at the lake, everything had to be done whilst free-diving and much time was spent nervously waiting in water, thinking about the saltwater crocodiles that have been previously spotted in the lake.

Post production involved Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro. with music from Soundtrack.