Results: SoCal Shootout

Nirupam Nigam-Best of Shootout and first place in Marine Life Behavior category.

The full results of the SoCal Shootout held over 13-15 September have been announced. Best of Show first prize in the Animal Behavior category was awarded to 18-year- old Nirupam Nigam with his image of a sarcastic fringehead (Neoclinus blanchardi) “admiring” its reflection in his dome port. Congratulations to all the winners and, as ever, it is great to see so many Wetpixel members among the placings.

Liz Sullivan-first place in Wide-Angle category.

Craig Hoover-first place in macro category.

Video winners:

Kyle McBurnie-tied first place.

Nannette Van Antwerp-tied first place.

Press Release

18-Year-Old Clinches Underwater Photo Championship in Southern California!

Culver City, CA – September 25, 2013 – 18-year-old underwater photographer Nirupam Nigam just clinched the “Best of Shootout” title in the 3rd Annual SoCal underwater photo shootout. The Southern California competition attracted over 70 talented photographers with decades of experience, however Nirupam took awards in several categories, winning the competition. His winning shot of a sarcastic fringehead fish charging his camera is a stunning image that leaps out of the screen at you. The fish actually attacked his reflection in Nirupam’s camera dome port but he was still able to capture the best moment in the action while also protecting his gear!

Other winning photos include an endearing harbor seal staring into the camera, a galaxy lost in a shark’s eye, a dreamy scene of a bat ray soaring through a towering kelp forest and even a blue whale in the open ocean. These amazing photos truly represent the immense beauty of Southern California’s oceans. All photos entered had to be taken between September 13th and 15th, 2013 in Southern California waters.

Over $15,000 in prizes are being awarded to the winners, including trips to Wananavu Fiji resort, Club Cantamar in La Paz, Crystal Blue resort Anilao, the Rocio del Mar liveboard, Maluku divers in Indonesia, and a dive computer from Oceanic. Visit the SoCal Shootout webpage to view all the winning photos and prizes.

About the SoCal Shootout: The SoCal Shootout is an annual photography competition where some of Southern California’s most active underwater photographers strive to capture the best possible photo over a 3-day period. Major editing is not allowed, so the competition truly tests a photographer’s ability to capture stunning imagery in-camera. Bluewater Photo, Southern California’s only dedicated underwater photography center, sponsors the event along with many top scuba brands, international resorts and local dive boats – all of which are excited to support the California scuba diving community.