Nocturnal Lights releases the M700i video light

Nocturnal Lights has released the M700i video light. It features an 80° reflector and outputs 700 lumens at full power or 280 lumens at low power. It is powered by two CR123 batteries which give a burn time of 1.5 to 2 hours on full. In addition, there is an optional rechargeable lithium-ion battery available. Nocturnal Lights offer various mounting options, including double, YS mount and a ball joint adapter.

The M700i is available now at $204.99 (with a YS mount).

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Nocturnal Lights releases the M700i video light.

The M700i is the latest underwater video light from Nocturnal lights using the KIS (Keep it Simple) design philosophy. The M700i video light is ultra compact, measuring at 5 and 1/4” long, 1ヤ in diameter at the body, and 1 ᄑヤ at the widest point of the light head. There are countless ways to mount the M700i directly onto your housing or arm using the YS or ball joint adapters, making it a perfect addition to your underwater camera and video setup no matter where and how you would like to mount the light.

The light uses a twist on and off mechanism with two power settings, allowing you to switch between high and low output each time you turn the light on and off. On the high setting you can get 700 lumens of wide 80-degree beam that will add color and contrast to your videos, allowing you capture vibrant videos that pop out and speak to your audience. When shooting macros or using the M700i as a focus light you can use the low power setting with the power reduced to 40% for a softer touch and extended burn time and decreased light output.

The aluminum light head acts as a heat sink so the video light can be used above water when shooting topside. The built-in controller will monitor the heat generated by the bulb and cut down the power when it is appropriate. The double o-ring design that connects the light body and the battery compartment gives the M700i video lights a depth rating of 100 meters or 330 feet.

The M700i uses two CR123 batteries as well as a rechargeable lithium-ion battery from Nocturnal Lights. The CR123s can be purchased anywhere in the world and the standard package comes with two CR123s. Alternatively, an affordable lithium-ion battery and charger can be purchased as an accessory for those who dive frequently. Both types of batteries will offer approximately 1.5 to 2 hours of usable light and up to 3.5-4 hours of burn time on the low setting before having to switch out or recharge the batteries.

Both the YS adapter and ball joint adapters are available for the M700i covering most of the arms in the market. Using a triple clamp you can mount multiple M700is on one arm or use it in conjunction with your strobe lights. Accessories are available so you can be creative with how and where you want to mount the M700i video lights. Nocturnal Lights also offer accessories to mount two lights on one arm, giving you the option to create a compact 2800 lumen set up using 4 lights on two arms. A wide variety of mounting options are available so you can let your imagination run wild.

The most common packages will be the arm and tray package for a compact underwater camera housing. The standard packages are available in the standard 12ヤ arm and 12ヤ tray setups and the compact packages are available in 7ヤ arms and 8ヤ trays. Cold (hot) shoe packages are available for the camera housings that have a shoe mount on top of medium and large camera housing. Adapters are available for all of the underwater housings, big or small, so please see our accessories page or inquire from a dealer if you have any specific questions on how to set up the M700i video lights.

Standard M700i Package:

Optional Accessories:

For US and International dealer enquiries, please [email](mailto: email@nocturnallights.com) Nocturnal Lights