Nikon trails TC-14E III teleconverter

Nikon TC-14E III on Wetpixel

Nikon has trailed the release of a 1.4 times teleconverter. Originally designed for use with their new 400mm f2.8 lens, the converter reduces the light hitting the sensor by one stop, and is designed to minimize chromatic aberration.

The TC-14E III will be available from August at a U.S.A. retail price of $499.95.

Nikon TC-14E III on Wetpixel

From press release

Nikon announces teleconverter TC-14E III.

Nikon’s long legacy and expertise in optical engineering is substantiated with this new 1.4x teleconverter that retains the lens’ image quality, even at wide-open apertures. This new teleconverter effectively multiplies the focal length of many NIKKOR lenses by 1.4x, while resulting in only a one-stop loss of exposure. Especially useful for nature and sports photographers, the enhanced optical system reduces chromatic lens aberration, while preserving the accuracy of the AF system.

The construction of the teleconverter has been significantly upgraded for both durability and optical brilliance. Comprised of seven elements within four groups, the outer elements feature a fluorine coating for enhanced resistance to dirt and water droplets. For added durability, the lens barrel has been designed for increased moisture and dust resistance.