Nexus Nikon D70 Housing

Nexus will soon be announcing a Nikon D70 digital SLR housing, with a special dome port for the Nikon 10.5 mm lens.  Also avaliable is a port for the Sigma 15mm -- a specialized lens/dome match.  This port and lens combination works with the F100 and other full-frame film Nikons in Nexus housings, as well as with the D100 and D70 housings. The Nexus D70 will be introduced in Japan o­n March 19th, when the D70 is scheduled to be released o­n the Japanese market. Nexus will release the D70 to the US market by the end of March, and the 10.5 fisheye dome will be released by the end of February (it will work o­n both the D100  and D70 housings).

The Nexus D70 housing features all of the camera controls and has dual sync ports. It will accept all of the Nexus dome ports and macro ports, including the 70-180 zoom super macro lens.

Lee Peterson of Marine Camera Distributors writes: "Model 18312 FP120-7 It is only 4 inches in diameter. The manual focus gear is Model 28346 FG-NAFF10.5F28G. This is the smallest dome in the world for this lens and greatly reduces the overall displacement of a camera system in the water. It is much easier to properly light close-up subjects with a small diameter dome."

Pre-orders are being taken for the D70, as the demand will exceed supply very quickly.  Contact our sponsors, Marine Camera Distributors, for more information!