New Underwater Digital Video Book

New Book: Underwater Digital Video Made Easy
Authors: Steven M. Barsky, Lance Milbrand, Mark Thurlow
ISBN Number: 0-9674305-5-0

Underwater Digital Video Made Easy is the latest book from Hammerhead Press of Ventura, California. Whether you’ve always wanted to be a motion picture director, or just want to make home videos of your next diving vacation, this book is the place to start! This is the most up-to-date text on the exciting world of underwater video.

Underwater Digital Video Made Easy is a book that will take you from beginning through advanced underwater video skills. Packed with practical information from three underwater video professionals, it includes the following topics:

- Camera Selection
- Accessories
- Shooting Topside in the Marine Environment
- Lighting Underwater
- Maintenance
- Housing Selection
- Editing
- Travel
- Shooting Underwater
- Gear Set-Up

In this book, you’ll learn techniques for underwater video that you won’t find elsewhere. Each chapter includes useful tips based upon actual underwater video or film projects that have been shown in theaters, on television, or are available on DVD. The book has a suggested retail price of $23.95. It is 192 pages in length with over 150 photographs, charts, and illustrations.

Authors Steve Barsky, Lance Milbrand, and Mark Thurlow are all professional cameramen with a combined total of over 37 years in the field of underwater video production.

According to Howard Hall, IMAX Director and underwater cinematographer, “Seldom has such an elite group of authors come together to produce a text for the sport diving industry.  Besides being an accomplished underwater cameraman, Steve Barsky is a professional writer with numerous books about diving to his credit.  I’ve been fortunate to work with both Lance Milbrand and Mark Thurlow on many motion pictures for television and IMAX theaters.  Lance has produced video productions for numerous clients, including National Geographic. Mark has directed the underwater videography for all of the “making of” videos for our IMAX productions.  These authors bring a wealth of insight and experience to Underwater Digital Video Made Easy.  It’s a “must have” for anyone aspiring to produce professional quality underwater video.”

Dealers can order the book through Trident Diving Accessories, Pacific Books, or from Hammerhead Press. For more information, or to download a free sample chapter, visit Hammerhead Press at www.hammerheadpress.com.