NCUPS SEA 2004 Winners

Bob Comer Trophy
Bob Comer Trophy

NCUPS SEA 2004 Contest Results

Congratulations to the winners of this year's NCUPS SEA 2004 Photo Contest! We've assembled a list of the winners, which include many Wetpixel members. In particular, Todd Mintz swept the entire novice category, winning every possible placement -- and the Best of Digital award -- with his amazing images. Other Wetpixel members who placed include Kasey Canton, Herb Ko, Rand McMeins, Christopher Menjou, Joe Belanger, Linda Cline, and John Durden. Kasey, Herb, Rand, Christopher, Joe, and John all placed first in various categories. Kasey also won Best of Prints and beat out all of the professional entries, winning the Bob Comer Award for Excellence in Underwater Photography, and Joe Belanger won Best of Slides.

We at Wetpixel are proud of our winning community members! Discuss in our forums.

NCUPS Website: http://ncups.org/

57 entrants: 12 novices, 45 open, from 5 states, 8 countries
456 entries: 85 novice, 381 open, 189 Digital, 209 Slides, 64 Prints, 5 Video


Susan O’Neil
Eric Cheng
Steve Rosenberg

A few of the winners of the NCUPS SEA 2004 International Photo Contest

Contest Winners:

Novice Print

1st - John Durden
2nd - Michael Feliciano
3rd - Louette Colombano

Novice Digital Macro

1st - Todd Mintz
2nd - Todd Mintz
3rd - Todd Mintz
Hon Mention - Todd Mintz

Novice Digital Wide/Normal

1st - Todd Mintz
2nd - Todd Mintz
3rd - Todd Mintz
Hon Mention - Todd Mintz

Novice Digital California

1st - Randy Frank

Novice Slide Macro

1st - Isabella Effner
2nd - Isabella Effner
3rd - Isabella Effner

Novice Slide Wide/Normal

1st - Isabella Effner
2nd - Isabella Effner
3rd - Isabella Effner

Creative Print

1st - Kathleen Kennedy
2nd - Wayne MacWilliams
3rd - Luc Eeckhaut

Open Print

1st - Kasey Canton
2nd - Todd Winner
3rd - Patti Baugh
Hon Mention - Wayne MacWilliams

Open Digital California Macro

1st - Herb Ko
2nd - Rand McMeins
3rd - Christopher Menjou
Hon Mention - Rand McMeins

Open Digital California Wide

1st - Christopher Menjou
1st Hon Mention - Christopher Menjou
2nd Hon Mention - Todd Winner

Open Digital Macro

1st - Rand McMeins
2nd - John Trone
3rd - Kasey Canton
1st Hon Mention - Herb Ko
2nd Hon Mention - John Trone

Open Digital Wide/Normal

1st - Rand McMeins
Hon Mention - Kasey Canton

Open Slide California Macro

1st - George Tillack
2nd - George Tillack
3rd - Lynn Foster
Hon Mention - Gordon Robinson

Open Slide California Wide

Hon Mention - Randy Herz
1st - Chris Simmons

Open Slide Macro

1st - Joe Belanger
2nd - Reggie Brown
3rd - Gordon Robinson
1st Hon Mention - Jeff Dudas
2nd Hon Mention - Linda Cline
3rd Hon Mention - Steven Fisher

Open Slide Wide/Normal

1st - Joe Belanger
2nd - Jeff Dudas
Hon Mention - Chris Simmons

Best of Digital

Todd Mintz - "Tightrope Walker"

Best of Prints

Kasey Canton - "Lion"

Best of Slides

Joe Belanger - "Cuda"

Bob Commer Award for Excellence in Underwater Photography

Kasey Canton - "Lion!"


1st Mike Boom - "Why we visit"
2nd Water Marti - "Life & Loves of the Opisthobranch"
3rd Kathy Kennedy - "Utila Sway"