Mangrove releases a 6750 lumen video light

Mangrove has announced a new video light offering an output of 6750 lumen. The VC-4L6X has an 100° beam with a color temperature of 5000°K. It has two output levels and gives a burn time of 65 minutes at 100% power.

The VC-4L6X is available now at a U.S.A. retail price of $841.

Press release

Aditech is pleased to announce the release of new MANGROVE video light VC-4L6X.

Mangrove´s new line of professional Video and Dive LED lights is an industry breakthrough. This underwater wide beam video light is designed with an integrated battery and lighting head in a single compact unit. The light weight construction and penetrating beam give excellent color and light uniformity ensuring a superior performance for video use underwater

The VC-4L6X specially designed for underwater video and photo is supplied with a solid-State LED module array emitting a staggering 6750 lumens. Featuring two output levels, the 50W light can dim from high to medium power output level allowing you to dim lighting for a quick exposure adjustment. Sun-similar light in 16:9 illuminating with approx. 100° reflected beam angle and approx. 200 W (halogen).

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