Magic Filters available

Magic filters differ from other UW filters as they are made as optical quality gels and are therefore compatible with popular wide angle lenses such as fisheyes and ultra-wide zooms. The filter is targetted at SLR lenses, and sold as pre-cut gels to fit them. At the moment we don’t offer the filter for digital compacts (as UR Pro already make great filters for these cameras). We are selling the Magic filter simply to answer the problem that DSLR photographers had - that there weren’t filters for our fave lenses. That said, if a compact user wants to buy a Magic filter and cut it with scissors to fit inside their port, we won’t stop you :)!

The Magic differs from other filters because it is not designed to perfectly counteract the filtering effect of seawater because this is highly variable (e.g. with depth). Instead it adjusts colours reaching the sensor to produce a colour balance that is easily corrected by the camera’s white balance. This is a new approach for underwater filtration, one that takes full advantage of the new technology of digital still cameras. This enables the Magic filter to work from the surface down to 15m (and produce reasonable results down to at least 17m). As a consequence the Magic filter will not work at any depth with daylight balanced slide film.