Light and Motion releases new video lights

New Sola lights on Wetpixel

Light and Motion has released two new video lights. The first, the SOLA 2100 has a 60° flood reflector and a maximum output of 2100 lumens. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Sola Video 2500 has 2500 lumens and a 90° reflector. Both run for between 1 and 4 hours depending on the output level selected.

Prices and delivery dates are to be confirmed.


Light & Motion adds three new lights to the 2014 SOLA lineup!

Monterey, CA November 4, 2013 – Light & Motion, the premier manufacturer of underwater, bike, and outdoor LED light, pushes lighting technology to add power and performance to its line of award winning SOLA lights.

Light & Motion SOLA lights have been recognized around the world for their absolute reliability, flood-free design, and unparalleled brightness. Designed from the ground up by engineers at Light & Motion’s USA-located vertically integrated factory, these lights set the bar for compact, rechargeable dive, video, and photo lights.

The 2014 Sola models offer unprecedented power and performance to enhance the quality of the underwater experience. Advances in LED technology, power management, and optical beam design mean that the new Sola lights will deliver a smooth and flawless beam pattern with more lumens and long run times to provide the perfect vision for the dive.

The NEW Sola Dive 2000 has a 40% increase in output over last year’s high-end model. Enhance your dive experience with a dual beam system (patent pending) that delivers both a 60° flood and 12° spot beam with a quick slide of the magnetic switch. The ergonomic hands-free wrist mount adds flexibility and convenience to your dive and is compatible with mounts for just about any camera/photo setup.

New Sola lights on Wetpixel

The NEW Sola Video 2100 allows you to shoot like a pro. The narrow 12-degree spot beam of 1200 measured and certified lumens is the most powerful spot beam on the market making it the perfect light for macro video/photo enthusiasts. Sola’s powerful dual beam provides constant light, unlike strobes, for easy and accurate focus/exposure. The 2100 flood packs a powerful and smooth 60-degree flood beam for the most discriminating videographer.

The NEW Sola Video 2500 is precision engineered to deliver a powerful and smooth 90-degree flood beam - the perfect solution for shooters with wide-angle camera lenses.The advanced optical design will light your subjects evenly without hot spots and allow greater latitude for camera positioning. Dive with confidence knowing you will have the light you need to shoot day or night.

The entire line of Sola lights are factory sealed and engineered with integrated rechargeable Li-ion batteries. The intuitive controls, compact travel-friendly design, and perfect beam make Sola Simply Better!

Light & Motion designs and builds adventure light systems in the U.S.A., to inspire limitless exploration from day into night. We are outdoor enthusiasts who tread lightly by designing and building our products in Monterey, California. We have been recognized for our pioneering business practices and a smart carbon footprint, having been awarded the 2011 “Cool California Award” for greenhouse gas reductions, the 2008 “California Small Business of the Year Award” and the “Waste Reduction Awards Program (W.R.A.P.) Award” for reducing our waste stream 5 years in a row. For additional information, please contact Heidi Hall at hhall@lightandmotion.com or 831-480-2125 or visit http://www.lightandmotion.com.