Light and Motion Mako PC1000

PRESS RELEASE From Light and Motion

We are excited to introduce the NEW Mako housing for the first ever 3 chip Video, 3 megapixel Still camera,  Sony DCR-PC1000.

Mako is a compact, high performance housing that is actually a Video system and a Photo system in one.  Shoot high quality 3ccd video to mini dv tape and then push a button to switch to the photo mode. This means you can capture a 3 megapixel still image of any subject that seems worthy.

The Mako housing includes our Smart Grip handles that utilize infrared controls (no holes) to access camcorder features. This means the controls are where you want them, at your fingertips.

Available accessories include a Super Wide Angle lens that increases the angle of coverage and a 2.5” color Monitor Back. The Monitor Back allows the user to view a color image of what the camera eye sees while also keeping tabs on the environment. In addition, you get the benefit of being able to see all camera data normally viewed on the camera’s flip screen. Monitor also adds functionality to the housing by allowing fingertip control of any of the available lighting systems. Housing can be purchased as a solo housing or as part of a complete Travel Package with lights. The Travel Package is a complete system that includes housing, dual lights, batteries, charger, O-ring kit and room for all accessories in one convenient case.