Kata 103 Camera and Laptop Backpack

This image shows how I laid out the bag with my camera and lenses

Shown is my 1DmkII body with 70-200 lens, a Sigma 15mm Fisheye, Canon 24-85USM, Sigma 12-24, and Canon 580EX flashgun.  Also shown is my laptop ac-adapter.  I still had room for 2 of the KATA velcro-secured mesh bags which I used to secure misc items like a lens cloth, sensor swabs, etc.  In the bag’s compartment pouches, I packed my passport, camera manuals (yes, I still need these) filters, extra AA batteries, and my MP3 player and headphones.

A closeup showing how thick the padding is and how everything fits together.

The back of the bag has a zippered drop-down flap for quick access to the camera body.

Compared to other bags on the market, such as the Lowe Computrecker and the equivalent Tamrac bag, the KATA 103 is smaller and doesn’t carry as many lenses.  On the other hand, it’s got much more padding and hard-panels to protect your equipment.  It’s also got some extra features that the other bags don’t have.  My favorite is the built in camera strap that comes w/ the bag and can be clipped onto the front shoulder-strap D-rings.  This essentially lets you carry the camera on your chest while you’re hiking for instant access - something I’ve always wanted.  The other nice feature is the moisture wicking neoprene panel that goes between your shoulders and the bag - for added comfort - as well as a ribbed panel that rests against the lower back, allowing for cooling airflow.  I can see how all of these features will combine to make this an excellent hiking camera-pack, not just a travel pack.  Of course, it also comes with an external mount for a camera tripod. 

For $160, I would recommend this pack to anyone who does outdoor photography.  It’s also an excellent travel-pack for travelling underwater digital photographer as it should hold all of the lenses we need.