Inon supports Fujifilm XQ1 compact

Inon XQ1 acccessories on Wetpixel

Inon has announced specific support for the Fujifilm XQ1 compact camera in the WP-XQ1 housing. The XQ1 is a high-end compact digital camera with a 2/3” (16.7mm) sensor and a f1.8 lens with “lens modulation optimizer”. The company has worked closely with Fujifilm to ensure compatibility.

Inon is offering a lens mount base that allows the use of Inon 28LD mount lenses with the Fujifilm housing. In addition, they are offering two versions of fiber optic cable bushes for use with either type L or Sea&Sea fiber cables. Both the latter are supplied with stickers for masking the camera’s internal flash output.

Inon XQ1 acccessories on Wetpixel

The new accessories are shipping now.