Inon Support for the Canon Powershot S1

Inon Japan announced it will support the Canon WP-DC20 Housing for PowerShot S1 IS camera with the following accessories.

M67 Mount Base DC20
Base and 67mm threaded lens adapter to fit 67mm mount lenses to WP-DC20 housing. (available July 2004)

Optical D Cable/Cap W5 Set with Clear Photo Film
Fiber optic kit with fixtures for attaching Inon strobes to WP-DC20 housing. Set includes Clear Photo Film to reduce backscatter from camera’s internal strobe.

Grip Base DIII
Base securely attaches to M67 Mount Base DC20. Grip accepts strobe arm and accessory mounting.

List of all accessories in “DC20 Full Set” example image above.

1) Camera and housing’s larger diameter lens requires a 67mm type lens mount. Inon AD series bayonet lenses are not compatible.
2) UWL-100 Type 1 lens must be used. Current owners of Type 2 lenses can easily convert to Type 1 lens with “Type 1 Ring/Screw Set for UWL-100” kit, or by sending lens to Inon America or an Inon America Authorized Dealer for the conversion.