Inon announces X-2 Lanyard Kit

Inon has announced details of their lanyard plates for the X-2 housing. The set consists of two plates, mounting bolts and rubber grommets. The holes in the plates allow the attachment of commercially available lanyards. The grommets prevent any metal to metal contact and its associated noise.

The X-2 Lanyard Plate kit will be shipping from 1 June. Please consult your local dealer for prices.

Press release

X-2 Lanyard Plate

We are pleased to announce official release of an optional accessory for X-2 for EOS6DX-2 for EOS70D to attach a lanyard on June 1, 2016.

X-2 Lanyard Plate

X-2 Lanyard Plate installed on X-2 for EOS70D.

Product features

Attaching this plate on INONX-2 for EOS6D or X-2 for EOS70D housing utilizes to use commercially available lanyard (carry belt).

The plate is attached on theBase Adapter Fixing Screw Hole (M6)of the compatible housing by screws or by compatible INON arm adapter.

Supplied rubber grommet prevents uncomfortable clinking noise between this product and metal hook from recording when shooting video as well as scratching the housing body.

Compatible X-2 series housing (*1)

Compatible arm system products (*2)

(*1) It is possible to attach this product to X-2 for EOS10D, X-2 for EOS20D, X-2 for EOS30D, X-2 for EOS50D/40D or X-2 for EOS60D but it requires to remove pre-installedLanyard hook. Please consult with your purchasing dealer. Not compatible with an INON housing which has done Sync Connector Installation.

(*2) Attaching ClampⅢ, Z Joint」 or “Light Holder products” may interfere full movement of the lanyard.

X-2 Lanyard Plate+Multi Direct Base IIa(right)with X-2 Lanyard Plate+Shoe Base Adapter X-2+Shoe Base(left).

X-2 Lanyard Plate+M6 Plate Direct Base III+Direct Base III(right)with X-2 Lanyard Plate+M6 Plate Direct Base III+Direct Base YS RT(left.

Stainless spring snap hook linked to X-2 Lanyard Plate (with a rubber grommet).

Split ring attached onX-2 Lanyard Plate.

A carrying rope attached onX-2 Lanyard Plate.

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