Image: Under ice panoramic

Under ice pano on Wetpixel

Viktor Lyagushkin and the team from Phototeam.pro have created a remarkable 360° panoramic image taken under the ice in the the Arctic White Sea. The full image (warning: Large file) has been posted on airpano.com. Victor comments that:

Green water in this panorama is not the use of color corrector. The color is caused by microscopic planktonic algae that comprises the core of marine life. Plankton algae absorbs red light from sun rays, because they need it for photosynthesis. This is why sea water becomes green. And the more life there is in the sea, the more phytoplankton in the sea, the greener the water. That is why our White Sea is so green.

The panorama was shot with a Nikon D3s in a Subal housing and a Nikkor 14-24/2.8 lens.